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Luigi Castelli

BioMRF Technologies, Inc.


Luigi Castelli, president of BioMRF Technologies, Inc., is an Italian engineer which helped in shaping the environmental industry over the past 30 years with his innovations in the fields of solid waste treatment, renewable energy, air pollution and noise control.
BioMRF Technologies S.r.l., an Italian company he started in 1993, has developed Ecomaster, an internationally recognized affiliated company specialized in the mechanical and biological treatment of municipal waste, which in 2008 merged with Atzwanger S.p.A., Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy).
Acoustics researcher at the Noise Control Center of the Pennsylvania State University in 1982, for ten years he has been chief engineer of Daneco, an international EPC contractor providing turn-key solid waste treatment systems.
In 1987, Luigi invented the bio-drying process, which increases the calorific value of RDF without consuming fossil fuel. His professional experience includes a two-year position as Environment Vice-president of Danieli, a $4 billion turn-key provider of ferrous scrap recycling and steelmaking facilities.


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