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Green Mountain Technologies, Inc.

Booth: 1565

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  • Bainbridge Island,  WA
  • United States

Company Description

Green Mountain Technologies (GMT) has been designing commercial composting facilities and developing innovative composting equipment for food waste, bio-solids and agricultural clients since 1992. GMT manufactures a complete line of in-vessel composting equipment including the Earth Flow, CompoBox Tunnels and Containerized Compost Systems and offers advanced engineered commercial facility design and equipment for all types and sizes of commercial and agricultural composting facilities.


  • Earth Flow In Vessel Composter
    The Earth Flow™ composting system is an award-winning automated compost mixing and aeration system built into a 20ft or 40ft shipping container or a larger Site Built vessel, proven for over 20 years to be effective, long-lasting and easy to operate....

  • How It Works

    Load waste directly into the Earth Flow and watch as it homogenizes the materials kick starting the microbial process and bringing moisture content to 60%. After only one week, material will be semi-stabilized ready for an aerated curing process where emissions are further reduced, nitrogen is mineralized, and pathogens are destroyed. After this three to four week process material is ready for curing, screening and product sale. $0-down financing available. visit https://compostingtechnology.com/in-vessel-systems/earth-flow/ for more information.

  • CompoBox Tunnel In Vessel Compost System
    The CompoBox Tunnel System is a completely enclosed Aerated Static Pile composting system. All emissions from each box or tunnel are captured and treated automatically....

  • How It Works

    Compost feedstocks are mixed and loaded into the CompoBox Tunnels via front end loader. Computer controlled aeration system regulates airflow, optimizing decomposition and controlling odors and emissions through a treated exhaust system. Exhaust treatment costs are reduced significantly by the low headspace when compared with open composting in a building. After three to four weeks of aeration the process is complete and ready to cure compost is emptied with a loader for screening, curing and sale. Visit https://compostingtechnology.com/in-vessel-systems/tunnel-system/ for more information

  • TracTurn Compost Turner
    The TracTurn is a reliable, highly efficient, low speed turner which loosens, aerates, mixes and stacks material in one step. Side-discharge means there is no need for a travel lane between windrows....

    Eliminates the need for a travel lane between windrows, without the cost and maintenance of a self-propelled straddle-turner.

    Turns up to 2,500 Cubic Yards per hour; 12 feet wide, 8 feet tall, with flexibility to work with any pile shape including mass-beds; requires a tractor with a minimum of 230 HP and a reverse creeper gear.

    Unlike most other turners the Tracturn uses a low speed drum to turn the compost, designed to not mill plastics. If handling contaminated waste streams this is critical, otherwise you may be doubling your contamination problem on every turn.

    Visit https://compostingtechnology.com/compost-turners/side-discharge-turner/ for more information.

  • Turned Aerated Pile Composting Facility Design
    Turned Aerated Pile (TAP) composting is the fastest way to make compost on a large scale. Advanced aeration combined with turners optimized for composting allows operators to move material up to 10 times as quickly through the site....

  • How It Works

    Place feedstocks into a pile or windrow next to the first aeration lateral.  Drive over your feedstocks with your TracTurn or side discharge turner and watch as up to 2,500 cubic yards per hour of material are mixed and homogenized. Repeat this process once a week for the next 6 weeks before placing that same row of finished compost into your screener.

    Turned Aerated Pile (TAP)

    As illustrated in the video, standard TAP piles are built in rectangles. This configuration simplifies construction, and allows for excellent spatial efficiency while also maintaining the other benefits of TAP composting.

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